Satana 17.01.2015

satanaSatana was started during the presidential election 2010. Four politicians or four social activists participate for every program. Two Politicians from both government and opposing parties are invited for every Satana program. The program is dedicated to present political opinions of every political party or to discuss social issues in Sri Lanka Chandana Bandara leads the program as the announcer and he also asks questions from the politicians. There are three or four journalists participate to ask questions from the politicians. Mostly, J Sri Ranga, Suranga Senanayake and Sanjeewa Ranathunga participate as the journalists. Mr. Ashoka Dias works as the third referee of the program. Satana telecast live in Sirasa Stein studio Kolonnawa. The program generally telecast on Friday night. However, it telecasts three times a week during the election hot seasons. The studio is arranged nearly 50 seats for the audience. Supporters of the politicians are provided seats behind the journalists. Five minutes was given for each politician in the first and last round. No one can ask cross questions at the given free talk time. Journalists are allowed to ask questions in the second and fourth round. So, the politicians must answer as they wish. A journalist stay focus on the Satana Twitter and Facebook comments of the online audience. He sorts out suitable good questions from the Tweets of the public and present them to the politicians. This is the way that Satana organized and managed the engagement of public.


Sirasa Satana

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